The source code is free !

All the source code is free and open. It is BSD licenced.

Repository SVN

The SVN repository is available, with the changelog Changelog


MuninGraphJS can have bugs. The TODO list contains the actual backlog, and the next iterations

Version 1.8 : due date unknown
- Update Debian standard version
- Add "-l 0" or "--lower-limit 0" support

Shortly :
  - Get the configuration from /etc/munin/munin.conf
  - Add the sections
  - Try to remove the 3/4 of the timestamps on X axis
  - Hide the hosts if "update no" is set
  - Maximum Y value :
    yaxis: {
      autorange: true,
      range: [0, 92.6315789474],

Later :
- Historical for one week on side of daily : use "subplots" ?